Tools and Advice for Confronting the Core Candidacy Exam

Posted by Sara Raffel.

When I joined Texts & Technology, the Ph.D. candidacy exams seemed to me like they’d be the most nerve-wracking aspect of the journey. When I was a first-year student balancing the demands of courses, teaching, and professional development, the exams seemed hazy and far in future. Suddenly, they weren’t. For those unfamiliar with the T&T exam process, each student takes three exams: one core candidacy exam and two specialized exams. Each exam covers a reading list of about 30... Read More

A Sorcerer Looking for a Place in the Academy

Posted by Eric Murnane.

Author’s note: While working on this post, it was brought to my attention that the binary I created here could be read as arrogance. This is not my intent. I am here exploring something which I feel a great amount of self-consciousness about. I spend a lot of time thinking about how Dungeons & Dragons applies to my life, probably too much time. Originally created in 1974 by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, D&D is a game of imagination…and math. Friends gather around a table and... Read More

That Reminds Me of a Story

Posted by Natalie Underberg-Goode.

Stories have always played an important part in my life. In fact, my story begins with a story that my great-grandmother told her assembled relatives at a Thanksgiving gathering. As the story goes, she had consumed her one glass of pivo (Slovak for beer) and began telling her family not to be sad, but that soon she would be going away. They shouldn’t be sad because, as she put it in her heavily accented English, “Linky’s baby, she be take my place.” This seemed a cruel joke to my... Read More

Rethinking the Theme Park at Halloween Horror Nights

Posted by Anastasia Salter.

An actor at Halloween Horror Nights. While I’ve lived here in Florida for a few years, and been an annual passholder at Disney since before I came to Orlando, I haven’t spent as much time at Universal Studios. Every year I’m impressed by the advertising campaign that accompanies the arrival of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights (“hosted” by Chance, pictured above), but this is the first year I’ve actually been lured in to attending. I was delighted to find it to be a great... Read More

Literacy Narratives and the Need to Make Yourself Vulnerable

Posted by Laura Moeller.

In the beginning of this semester, I asked my students to write a short reflection on how they learned to read and write. The assignment was an abbreviated version of what we traditionally call a literacy narrative in the field of writing and rhetoric. Literacy narratives are popular assignments in composition classrooms, and if you have taught ENC 1101 or 1102, you have probably assigned some variety of a literacy narrative. Pedagogically, they offer powerful ways of helping students connect... Read More