On Competition, Teamwork, and Finding Your Scholarly Voice: Valuing the Desks around You

Posted by Nicholas DeArmas. Student Space

My high school basketball coach once told me, “A rising tide lifts all ships.” I think he just wanted to motivate me to box-out more when the shots went up, but his point was that when we work unselfishly together toward goals, it benefits everyone. I never thought that basketball advice could apply to academia, until I finished my second year in the T&T program. Academia is an uber-competitive space. Admission departments judge who gets in from who does not. Why? Because academia... Read More

Candidacy Exams: Advice for Preparation and Motivation during the Summer Months

Posted by Mark Kretzschmar. Student Space

Ah, summer. That beautiful period that comes right after a taxing semester of meetings, courses, and complex critical theory. Depending on your situation, this might be a time of excitement as you have finally booked that dream vacation to Malaga, Spain (make sure you visit Gibraltar), or it could be financially distressing in that your stipend will be placed on hold for a couple of months. However, before you relax, look into gainful employment, hit the beach, or sign up for intramural... Read More

Stress and Success: Five Strategies for Self-Care

Posted by Ruth Currey. Student Space

I started this post back in March. At the time, I was determined to write about the strategies I used in order to magically fit everything into my daily schedule. As a high school teacher, a mom of an almost 4-year old and full time grad student, I would often hear comments such as, “I don’t know how you do it,” or “you are stronger than I am.” When I started hearing these comments repeated regularly, I began to contemplate how I actually did manage to make it work. What was the... Read More

Who Tells Your Story? Historical Voices in Hamilton

Posted by Sara Raffel. Student Space

Finals week always brings looming deadlines: projects and papers, revisions of a co-authored journal article, and grading final projects submitted by my undergraduate students. When I volunteered several months ago to write this blog post, I planned to write about some in-progress research on climate change communication. Like I’ve done so many times this year, I turned on the Broadway musical Hamilton to listen as I started writing. A fellow T&T student introduced me to Hamilton... Read More


Posted by Sonia Stephens. Faculty Fridays

I’d like to talk about the material nature of digital technologies, which is something that we often overlook…as long as those technologies are operating as we expect. Most of us use a variety of electronic devices- smartphones, tablets, computers- to transmit, receive, search for, comment on, and otherwise interact with a wide array of information. These devices can make sending and receiving information seem seamless. Others have pointed out that handheld devices may come to feel like... Read More