Monthly Archives: October 2012

Alumni Interview: Michelle Ferrier

Photo of Michelle Ferrier

Dr. Michelle Ferrier is a digital content architect and Associate Professor of Communications at Elon University. She is also the founder and managing editor of, and Vice President of Journalism That Matters, a nonprofit organization focused on the new news ecology and media entrepreneurship. With varied experience as a community activist, educator, entrepreneur, media consultant,… Read more »

UCF Team Earns National Recognition for Online Education

Texts and Technology alumnus Tom Cavanaugh was recently recognized for his team’s excellent work in distance learning at UCF by the Sloan Consortium, a higher-education association that promotes online learning. The award for UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning is one of just a handful of various institutional and individual awards to be presented Oct. 11… Read more »

Texts and Technology Student Presents at National Media Conference

T&T student Jasara Hines presented her paper “Fetishizing Food: Man’s Power over the Age Old Battle with Food” as part of a panel on “Myths of Stardom: Gods and Monsters: The Construction and Influence of Celebrity” at the biennial Film and History Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that took place on September 26-30, 2012. The 2012… Read more »

Texts and Technology Members Present at International Communications Conference

A number of T&T students and faculty are presenting their work at the IEEE Professional Communication Society conference, currently going on October 8-10, 2012. The conference is being hosted at UCF on the upper floors of the Student Union. Presenters include professors Rudy McDaniel, Paul Dombrowski, Robert Lindgren, and Madelyn Flammia; students Carolyn Glasshoff and… Read more »