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Creative Curations – Internet

Theme: Internet It’s no secret the internet is challenging the traditional ways we have lead our lives – ensuring we remain on our toes at all times and questioning the foundations on which we’ve always come to rest. Which is why Playboy Magazine’s recent change to its traditional content shouldn’t surprise anyone. That the internet… Read more »

Rock and Roll and the Amateur Aesthetic

Elvis’ Sun recordings were the products of collaborations amongst amateur and professional artists, Elvis being the amateur. Does this mean that amateurs can achieve levels of creativity that match or better those of professionals? In some cases, yes. Amateurs established new institutions, new standards and new practices, but they would not have done so if… Read more »

What is T&T?

It’s a common question posed to students of the UCF T&T Ph.D. Program.  The misinterpretations of our family and friends are often quite humorous. One student’s mother thinks she only programs cell phone apps. Often, misunderstandings of the program stem from these extremely narrow assumptions about our fields of research, spurring comments ranging from, “Oh,… Read more »

Barry Mauer, the Pedagogue

The Eclectic and Electric Dr. Barry Mauer Dr. Barry Mauer’s UCF office resembles less of an office and more of a low lit lounge. The ceiling is lined with decorative linen that hides the ceiling tiles and harsh fluorescent lights. Lamps cast a low glow and pillows sit on his chairs. The walls are lined… Read more »