Monthly Archives: December 2015

Trust and the Art of Collaboration

The art of collaboration is a strange creature. I spent my entire life working in theatres in various production roles – acting, designing, directing – and perhaps these experiences instilled in me the understanding of how a final work can really benefit from the oversight of multiple, occasionally overly passionate, perspectives. On the other hand,… Read more »

Why changing your profile picture isn’t “slacktivism”: Social media and solidarity in times of crisis

There have been many critiques leveled at those who participate in social media during times of crisis, including calling people who change their profile pictures or share viral videos “slacktivists.” However, I would suggest reframing the discussion from “slacktivism,” which I find to be a charged term that implies that no meaningful results will emerge… Read more »

T&T Mock Job Interview Panel

Five courageous T&T students participated in mock job interviews to assist them in preparing for the job market. Sandy Branham and Clayton Benjamin held their interviews via Skype, and Emily Johnson, John Bork, and Eric Murnane participated in face-to-face interviews.  Drs. McDaniel and Vie were friendly but tough Search Committee members, as was Ms. Wendy… Read more »