Monthly Archives: January 2016

“Hello, Glass.”

Sometimes, your program director presents you with fun gadgets and says, “Here. Figure this out.” That’s how we got our hands (and eyes!) on a set of never-been worn Google Glass. While there have been talks about new Google Glass coming in the near future, for now, Google Glass remains a vestigial relic of the… Read more »

Digital Humanities Workshops by Brian Blackburne

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016, the T&T Guest Speaker Series brought T&T Alum Brian Blackburne (2008) to campus. Dr. Blackburn shared lunch with T&T students, faculty, and staff and discussed his experience with the hiring and tenure process. That evening, Dr. Blackburne conducted a lecture titled, “2 kewl 4 skool: Examining Students’ E-Mail Habits in… Read more »

A Summary of The Art of Memory by Frances Yates

In classical rhetoric, images and text were mapped onto virtual places to aid the memory of orators. Memory was enormously important to orators because they were expected to deliver long speeches with total accuracy. In fact, memory was of such value that there developed an “art of memory” designed to strengthen the natural memory. Frances… Read more »