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T&T Student, Clayton Benjamin, Published in Textshop Experiments

Clayton Benjamin’s piece, “Conducting Place/Consulting Space: A Proposal to an Electronic Monument to Addiction,” was recently published in Textshop Experiments (volume 3, Summer 2017). Textshop Experiments is an open-access journal dedicated to extending Gregory Ulmer’s work. Using methodology from Ulmer’s Electronic Monuments, Benjamin’s article proposes the installation of a new monument at the John Wayne…

The New Age of Eliminationism: How the Internet Feeds Radicalization and Dehumanization by Dr.David Neiwert

David Neiwert presented a talk to the University of Central Florida titled “The New Age of Eliminationism in America: How the Internet Feeds Radicalization and Dehumanization.” The next day, he sat down for a discussion with Dr. Barry Mauer, Interim Director of the Texts and Technology Doctoral Program and a co-director of the Citizen Curator…

Presentation, Texts, Technology, and Context, by Dr. Kirk St. Amant

Dr. Kirk St. Amant, Professor and the Eunice C. Williamson Endowed Chair in Technical Communication at Louisiana Tech University (USA), spoke with T&T students and faculty during a presentation titled Texts, Technology, and Context: Integrating Usability into the Design of Texts and Technologies for Local and Global Audiences.  Dr. St. Amant’s  main research interests are…

Dr. David Staley Presents to History and T&T Students

Dr. David Staley from the Ohio State University gave a talk to History and T&T students and faculty in conjunction with the display of FHQ III, a 3-D printed data sculpture of the Florida Historical Quarterly. Dr. Staley has written three books: Computers, Visualization and History; History and Future: Using Historical Thinking to Imagine the… Read more »

Three T&T students recently published in Visual Ethnography v5(2).

Four T&T students– Bartley Argo, Nicholas DeArmas, Amanda Hill, and Sara Raffel– were recently published in Visual Ethnography v5(2).): “The Way It Used to Be: Exploring Cultural Heritage Through the Augmented Reality Story of a Neighborhood Soul Food Restaurant.” Visual Ethnography is an international, peer-reviewed journal. The article is about a project the students did…

T&T Dissertation Award Program Now Accepting Applications

T&T Dissertation Award Program Now Accepting Applications The guidelines for applying for a $3,000 T&T Dissertation Award, funded jointly by the Center for Humanities & Digital Research and the T&T program, were recently announced. More information available here: 2017 Dissertation Award Guidelines (PDF)

T&T Student,Kendra Auberry, Won the 2016 Florida Campus Compact Engaged Scholarship Research Award

T&T student Kendra Auberry recently won the 2016 Florida Campus Compact Engaged Scholarship Research Award in the Florida College System Sector for her research on collective impact. Collective impact refers to a collaborative, inter-organizational effort to effect social change. Auberry, who is the STEM librarian at Indian River State College (IRSC), researches and supports faculty… Read more »

T&T Student Published in Xchanges

Congratulations to T&T student, Jennifer Miller, on her recently published article in Xchanges! Her article may be viewed here: "Multiliteracies for Inclusive Technologies: A Case Study on Location-Based Services and Domestic Violence Survivors."

Three T&T Students Have Been Named 2016-2018 HASTAC Scholars

The Texts and Technology program is pleased to announce that three of its students, Nick DeArmas, Jennifer Miller, and David Morton, have been named 2016-2018 HASTAC Scholars (pronounced Haystack: Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory). The HASTAC Scholars fellowship program is an innovative student-driven community of graduate and undergraduate students that represents dozens… Read more »