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The Full-Time Employee in a Doctoral Program

I cannot recall how many times I have been asked since beginning the Texts & Technology doctoral program, “How do you do that?” During the candidacy exam process, I asked myself the same question constantly as I would start my workday at 8am and end my studying at midnight. I am a full-time faculty member… Read more »

A Sorcerer Looking for a Place in the Academy

Author’s note: While working on this post, it was brought to my attention that the binary I created here could be read as arrogance. This is not my intent. I am here exploring something which I feel a great amount of self-consciousness about. I spend a lot of time thinking about how Dungeons & Dragons… Read more »

Literacy Narratives and the Need to Make Yourself Vulnerable

In the beginning of this semester, I asked my students to write a short reflection on how they learned to read and write. The assignment was an abbreviated version of what we traditionally call a literacy narrative in the field of writing and rhetoric. Literacy narratives are popular assignments in composition classrooms, and if you… Read more »

Candidacy Exams: Advice for Preparation and Motivation during the Summer Months

Ah, summer. That beautiful period that comes right after a taxing semester of meetings, courses, and complex critical theory. Depending on your situation, this might be a time of excitement as you have finally booked that dream vacation to Malaga, Spain (make sure you visit Gibraltar), or it could be financially distressing in that your… Read more »

Who Tells Your Story? Historical Voices in Hamilton

Finals week always brings looming deadlines: projects and papers, revisions of a co-authored journal article, and grading final projects submitted by my undergraduate students. When I volunteered several months ago to write this blog post, I planned to write about some in-progress research on climate change communication. Like I’ve done so many times this year,… Read more »

Surviving the Fear Monster: Getting a PhD

To determine how my first post to our blog could have the most impact, I had to figure out what I could add of value to this discussion, while simultaneously thinking about all the plans I currently have in motion – conferences, papers, publications, if the job market will hold after graduation.  Like many people… Read more »

Trust and the Art of Collaboration

The art of collaboration is a strange creature. I spent my entire life working in theatres in various production roles – acting, designing, directing – and perhaps these experiences instilled in me the understanding of how a final work can really benefit from the oversight of multiple, occasionally overly passionate, perspectives. On the other hand,… Read more »