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Tools and Advice for Confronting the Core Candidacy Exam

When I joined Texts & Technology, the Ph.D. candidacy exams seemed to me like they’d be the most nerve-wracking aspect of the journey. When I was a first-year student balancing the demands of courses, teaching, and professional development, the exams seemed hazy and far in future. Suddenly, they weren’t. For those unfamiliar with the T&T… Read more »

A Sorcerer Looking for a Place in the Academy

Author’s note: While working on this post, it was brought to my attention that the binary I created here could be read as arrogance. This is not my intent. I am here exploring something which I feel a great amount of self-consciousness about. I spend a lot of time thinking about how Dungeons & Dragons… Read more »

From Student to Colleague: T&T Milestone Series Tackles Professional Socialization

The work we do as undergraduate and master’s students tends to prepare us with invaluable foundations in a field of knowledge and skills in interpretation and writing, but the structure of those degrees tends to insulate us from a broader understanding of the university as an institution or academia as a culture. We then can… Read more »

Welcome to Texts & Technology, Our Spaceship Earth

As I was riding Spaceship Earth at Epcot a few weeks ago, I had a light bulb moment: Spaceship Earth is a representation of human relationships with technology, as it is meant to be, but it can also be a symbol for the discipline of Texts & Technology. If you don’t have familiarity with this… Read more »

What is T&T?

It’s a common question posed to students of the UCF T&T Ph.D. Program.  The misinterpretations of our family and friends are often quite humorous. One student’s mother thinks she only programs cell phone apps. Often, misunderstandings of the program stem from these extremely narrow assumptions about our fields of research, spurring comments ranging from, “Oh,… Read more »

Barry Mauer, the Pedagogue

The Eclectic and Electric Dr. Barry Mauer Dr. Barry Mauer’s UCF office resembles less of an office and more of a low lit lounge. The ceiling is lined with decorative linen that hides the ceiling tiles and harsh fluorescent lights. Lamps cast a low glow and pillows sit on his chairs. The walls are lined… Read more »

Welcome to the T&T Blog!

Welcome to the new Texts and Technology blog! Texts and Technology is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in the College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Central Florida. This blog will serve as a repository for thoughts and ideas from the minds of our students, faculty, and staff, as well as provide a way… Read more »