Write for Us

The T&T blog welcomes posts written by T&T students and faculty members. We have three series for which we solicit articles: Student Space, Faculty Fridays, and Creative Curations.  For more information about these series, please visit our Blog Series page. First drafts of posts will be due no later than 2 weeks before publication to allow time for peer-review.

Faculty Fridays and Student Space Proposals

Faculty Fridays and Student Space are series devoted to faculty and student voices, respectively. We welcome video, audio, and written submissions for these spaces. We encourage faculty and students to explore a wide variety of subjects in their posts, including, but not limited to: presentations, course readings, current projects and research, new idea pitches, theory, reviews (events, pop culture, books, etc.), field reports and advice/how-to articles. We especially encourage posts that focus on process over product. Completed blog posts should range from 300-700 words or be no longer than 5 minutes in length.

To propose a blog post, email Amanda at hilla@ucf.edu with a brief (no more than 100 words) abstract and your proposed rough draft deadline. Please note this blog ONLY accepts posts written by those connected to UCF’s Texts and Technology program.

Final submissions will include all copy, relevant media/images and links, and suggested appropriate tags.

Creative Curations Proposals

Creative Curations is a place to gather 3-4 cultural items from different curators based on different topics (think: design, art, technology, etc.). This page should be ala the style of Very Short List (now part of the Observer), who shared cultural gems from a different curator each day. Below is one example from the VSL email subscription from January 2015:

The first item linked to an article in The New York Times: Millennials and the Age of Tumblr Activism. The second item linked to an article on Personal Democracy MedTechPresident: Civic Tech and Engagement: In Search of a Common Language. The third item linked to an article of CA Fwd: Pete Peterson on Millennial civic engagement: Know the challenges.

The items you choose can be webpages, media sites, games, articles, whatever! This is a great place to be creative and invoke the interdisciplinary nature of T&T.

To propose a Creative Curation, email Amanda at hilla@ucf.edu with a one word theme (the umbrella term you will put your links under), a brief (50 words or less) identification of how you will explore that theme, any links you are thinking of using, and your proposed rough draft deadline. Note: If more relevant links come out after you send your first draft and before we publish the post, we can adapt. Please send any adaptations to Amanda ASAP. Changes of this nature will not be made once the post goes live.

Final submissions must include copy for each item (20-50 words), all relevant links, and suggested appropriate tags.